Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bead Fest Philly and other stuff

What a WONDERFUL time I had at Bead Fest Philly.  I got to hang out with lots of bead friends. Of course, the time was too short. Trying to squeeze everything and everyone in is a whirlwind and exhausting.  

I took a class at BF for the first time this year.   OMGOSH!  I can't even explain what a terrific time I had in Susan Lenhart Kazmer's Resin Alchemy class. I worked from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm only stopping to get lunch and bring it back to the classroom.  I worked through lunch because I was so excited and didn't want to stop. I was on Cloud 9. 

This is the GIGANTIC resin heart bezel that I made.  There is a ton of resin in it.  I have been working with resin for a long time but I learned so many new things.  

Here's a close up.  I did multiple layers and learned how to take paper and make it transparent.  AND yes, I am wearing this super big pendant.   SLK was a great teacher. She was very generous, not only with her supplies but also with her tips and and teaching style. 

I got to complete several resin pieces and also got to play with molding clay, casting an antique lock that I will be able to use to make a resin piece down the road. 

Not only did I get to work with my favorite medium, resin, I also got to do a little metalsmithing. I hammered, annealed wire and also drew a bead on the wire making a pinhead.  I LOVED using a torch. I felt so powerful. Like I could do anything. 

The fact that I am clumsy and could torch the place is a concern here at home. I will have to have a special area that is, of course equipped with a fire extinguisher.  So on my wish list is a torch and to also do the online metalsmith classes I bought 2 or 3 years ago at Craftsy.  And possibly to pick up a fire proof suit.....

I spent most of my bead budget on supplies at the Ice Resin booth along with a copy of Resin Alchemy by SLK. I got her to autograph it. tee hee.  Available at Amazon
                                         MUCHO bezels.   

Bead swap beads and other beads.  <3>

I must say I DID NOT buy enough beads!  Seriously.  Most of the art beads I purchased were for my swap partner and to gift a friend. The beautiful beads you see here are from my swap partner plus a few that I bought or were gifted to me. 

Bead Fest was a blast. Every year I say I am going to stay closer to the venue so I can spend more time with my friends.  I am fortunate enough to live 30 mins from Oaks where BF is held but staying at a hotel with my out of the area bead friends is something I am seriously considering in the future.

I will try very hard not to wait 2 mos until my next blog post. I have lots of pictures I would like to share with you soon.  TTFN ta ta for now.  xoxo