Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July Check In

Hi peeps.......summer is in full swing here at my house.  We are officially on "break".  I have taken this time to start some DIY projects around the house and continue to work on my photography skills.  

Here are some pictures I have taken recently.  I really enjoy taking floral and landscape pictures.  

And of course I like taking pictures of people.  This is my youngest son.  He is a pretty good subject when he cooperates.  :)

The next two collages are of tables I have done over the past few weeks.  This first one I painted with chalk paint. I found a recipe for making your own chalk paint at Lowe's. They also have great tips.  I googled DIY chalk paint and got many links and resources.  I watched a bunch of videos on Youtube before doing this.  Like anything it is trial and error. Chalk paint is very forgiving. 

The next piece was made out of salvaged wood.  I didn't do this project by myself. My 2nd oldest son did the wood work -- saw, nailing, etc. I would not have been able to do this without help! You can follow me on Pinterest - Linda Hanes - and look for the inspiration project on my DIY board. I had so much fun finishing this table.  My youngest son and I dinged, scratched, and scraped it to age the wood more.  The wood was pretty scratched up, but it needed nail and hammer dings for character. ;)  After lightly sanding the table I finished it with Minwax Finishing Stain and it is residing in my family room.

Now I am off to blog hop and catch up on all of the things you have all been up to lately!  TTFN ta ta for now.  xoxo  ~~Linda 

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