Friday, June 28, 2013

Whats up and stuff

Quick checking in.  I made this pendant today.  The focal bead as well as the bead on top is from the awesome Jan Onipenco aka Miss Molten Mayhem. <3 i have been hoarding most of the art beads I have been collectong over the last two years and I finally this bold pendant with Jan's bead

I also worked on this hot mess today.  I dumped the box MONTHS ago and have been working out of this chaos. 

TA DAAAAA. Two hours and a movie later (or two or three as I channel hopped) it is organized. wOOt.

Here's another necklace I am working on. Glass beads from Molten Mayhem.  Love the colors.

I will be back woth more soon.  TTFN ta ta for now! 


  1. Looks like you are having fun. I wish we lived closer, we would certainly have a great play day together. After my sunroom is completed, I'm planning on bringing my supplies upstairs where there will be actual sunlight to work from. Perhaps soon I'll be posting jewelry pics again, in the mean time it's pictures of paint chips and demolishing cabinets. Looking forward to more! TTFN.

    1. Thanks Susan. Yes I am having fun! You are right. We would have a blast if we lived closer. Maybe someday we will be able to get together. I can't wait to see all the work you are getting done in your home.