Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pansies and other things

Hi friends!!  Just thought I would quick check in with you.  I continue to play with my camera and Photoshop Elements.  I also am working on jewelry submissions for Bead it Today and other work in progress. I am very excited that I will be in the next issue of Bead it today due to hit newsstands on June 18th. Look for my necklace in the article Vintage Vogue.  :)  

I am enjoying working with my new camera (it's a point and shoot digital Nikon Coolpix L810). It isn't a DLSR but it is good for me for now.  I am learning so much from watching tutorials and just playing with PSE and learning how to edit my photos and make digital art.  

I will just share some photos and digital art I have been working on lately.  

I am loving resources like ScrapbookGraphics (tutorials and digital papers, etc.) CoffeeShop Blog (free digital textures, frames, etc).  Their links are in my blog roll. The frame below is from The Coffee Shop blog.
I was just messing around with different effects and textures with the tree pic.

A teeny weeny little fly on one of my peonies.  I love taking pictures with the macro setting on my camera. 
I hope all is well with everyone.  I am going to do some much needed blog hopping to see what you have all been up to lately!!  TTFN ta ta for now.  xoxoxo

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  1. Congrats on your second publication! Exciting to see your name in print, isn't it? What a fantastic shot of the fly on the peony. Love the other peony photo, too, with the texture. Exploring and creativity are great things.