Friday, June 1, 2012

Check in time!

Hi all!  Here are a few pieces I "redid" this week.  I have a pile of, for lack of a better word, crap that I have been wanting to recycle, restring, toss, etc.  These two made the cut for restringing. So many of my earlier pieces were just hideous. My stringing and crimping has a lot to be desired.  I love to do mixed media pendants...collage, wire wrapping, repurpose vintage jewels, etc.  So I am not a big beader and crimper but i am determined to work on that skill as I love the look and it's time consuming to wire wrap every blessed piece I make. it would be nice to make a collage pendant and add it to a some strung beads. Anyway here are two pieces I redid over the past two days.  

Here's my new 'do.  Look at it now.  This picture was taken right after my stylist did it.  Even though I am a hairdresser I can never get my hair as good as when someone else dries and styles it.  
Ok, off for a walk and to work on my beading and an order.  I need to work on a commission.  Someone kick me in the pants! My poor friend has been waiting forever for her necklace.  NEVER tell me that there's no rush.  I take it seriously and lolly gag.  :)Have a great weekend!  TTFN ta ta for now. 

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