Saturday, June 9, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Blog Hop

When I found out that Staci and Genea were going to host a blog hop with an Alice in Wonderland theme I thought what fun!  I love Alice in Wonderland and thoroughly enjoyed the latest Tim Burton rendition as well as the classic animated piece.  Here's my Alice inspired piece I call Curiouser AND Curiouser.  Alice is an adventurer and she likes to try impossible things.  I hope to be more like Alice.

The colors of the piece are all over the place.  That is what I think of when I think of Alice in Wonderland.  CRAZY! Blues, pinks, yellow and even green in the ribbon. The following are the components and beads I used in this necklace.

Watch case -  recycled flea market find.  I gutted the watch and used this as the base for my reliquary. Scrapbook paper, Alice in Wonderland Clip Art from Ten Two Studios, beads and a key charm.  I wire wrapped the case with pink 20 gauge wire.
Souvenir spoon - a blogger gifted me a bunch of spoons.  I turned the bowl into a base for another collage.
Enameled Beads - Susan Kennedy from SueBeads
Assorted beads from my stash
Silk Sari Ribbon
Industrial Chic - Key Charm
I love when Alice tells herself "it's only a dream".  Some quotes I incorporated and embedded in Glossy Accents.  I waited to long to use Easy Cast, which I prefer for resin or of course Ice Resin. Glossy Accents is a good quick resin to use when I am in a pinch and it doesn't need to fill a large area.
Recycled watch face with added quote and resin.
 "All this talk of blood and slaying has put me off my tea."
Vintage tea pot charm
 The blue enamel beads are from SueBeads!  
 Industrial Chic key charm and souvenir spoon

"I try to believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed my little Alice piece as much as I enjoyed making it!

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  1. I love the imagery of your piece. Alice is propperly trapped in the watched and I love the addition of the spoon. How fun and whimsical! Thanks so much for participating. Those of you who use resin are brave folks in my book!

  2. You really nailed it here ..the whimsical and playful feel from the story !! lovely !

  3. I love your necklace, so original and whimsical!
    I really enjoyed partecipating in this hop!
    ciao dall'Italia

  4. I love all the multimedia that you used for the piece. Adding that spoon was such a great idea! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Hi Linda - you were right, we have many similar elements in our pieces! Yours def. have the crazy eclectic feel of AinW! YOur resign looks great, well done! THose aren't brands i have heard of... thanks!

  6. A fabulous piece! I love that there is something unique to see every where you look. How very original. Love the spoon!

  7. What a creative way to use an old watch! I love it! This was a fun challenge!!! Great work!

  8. The spoon! What a great idea, I've never seen anything done like that before. I loved this challenge, I had a blast making the beads and an still doing work like it. It's fun to try something different!

  9. So colorful, and you managed to include so many different elements into one piece! Very creative :) This has been a very fun challenge.

  10. OMG!! What a fantastic piece! I love that you created so many wonderful mixed-media elements for your finished piece! Every element is so carefully created with a story of it's own! WOW!! I love that you used a spoon and watch piece along with alice trapped inside :D

    Thanks so much for participating in our hop!

    xo Genea

  11. Your necklace really does capture the whimsical nature of Alice In Wonderland. You did great!

  12. Oh, there's so much to take in in this necklace! You've included so many of the awesome aspects of the story in it. Nicely done!

  13. So whimsical and fun! You took so many different elements and made them work together beautifully!

  14. Very creative. Really like it!

  15. I think what I love the most is that it look like it could have been created from bits Alice tucked in her pockets during her travels in Wonderland.

  16. Spoon, spoon, spoon. Wow, the use of that spoon really impressed me! The double meaning of the spoon just sucks me into the tea cup and swirls me around, just like the whole tea party itself. Great idea, so creative! Diane V.