Monday, June 4, 2012


I finished this necklace last week.  What a bite it was!  I must have changed it 5 times.  This is the final piece.

 This is on my bead counter.  I want to string some beads and add the Marie pendants.  Thanks for taking a peek.  I have a Alice Blog Hop coming up in another week and a half. I will post more info as it gets closer.  TTFN ta ta for now...


  1. Love those Marie Antoinettes! ...but my fav is the chandelier crystal in your banner - so cute!

    1. Thanks Patty! I guess you didn't have a hard time posting. Thanks for stopping!!!!

  2. Hey Linda, I love the top piece. How big is it? I would love it if you placed a coin next to the beads to show the size. I can never tell. Are those amber beads? Do I remember that the focal bead is made on a gun cartridge? Sorry for so many questions, that's the mark of an interesting piece of jewelry. Pretty.

  3. I love the top necklace too. Great patina!